What are the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the next phase of technology and it is covering every industry year by year. AIs are no more limited to just replying to emails since they now can drive our cars and help sort our photos on smartphones and much more.

But What Exactly Does Artificial Intelligence Comprise Of

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps machines to learn from the experiences vehemently where the machines can perform human-like tasks and also adjust to the new inputs in a better way. To put it in exact definitive terms, AI is a set of algorithms which can create results without any instructions and is capable of thinking and acting on a rational level.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work

The creation of an AI system is all about a carefully structured process of the reverse-engineering of the human features and the robust capabilities in a machine where further, the computational expertise of the AI will be used to surpass or extend what a human is capable of. The artificial intelligence is created over many set of components where the machine will work with the combination of:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Linguistics
  • Control Theory
  • Cybernetics
  • Economics
  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy

It is also inclusive of deep learning, machine learning, neural network, computer vision, cognitive computing, natural language processing, and also many other additional things like advanced algorithms, graphical processing units, and the internet of things, application program interfaces and much more.

In simple terms, the main aim of Artificial Intelligence is to help humans provide a software that can effectively reason on input and then also explain the output. It is not a replacement for humans but just offering innovative support.

What are the various types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are different types of artificial intelligence which are built on for various purposes and it is for this reason they vary from each other. The AI can be classified further into two types, i.e. Type 1 and Type 2 which is exclusively based on the functionalities.

Type 1 artificial intelligence comprises of

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This is known to be the most common type of AI where anyone can find it in the market. This AI system is known to solve one single problem where it will be able to perform a single task in a good manner. This type of AI has limited capabilities like predicting the weather or recommending a product to an e-commerce customer. The ANI is considered to be the only kind of Artificial Intelligence that exists currently. In very specific contexts, they are able to perform human functioning, and they are able to surpass humans in many cases or scenarios. But this excellence is seen in an only limited set of parameters with controlled environments.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

This type of AI is known to have a human-level cognitive function which is spread across many different domains like image processing, language processing, reasoning, computational functioning, and many more, although, it should be noted that there is a long way to build an AGI system in our world. An AGI system will require many Artificial Narrow Intelligence systems which will be working in tandem and will also be communicating with each other. Although there are many advanced computing systems and vehement infrastructures, it still requires 40 minutes to simulate a neuronal activity which is of just a single second. This implies as to how complex the human brain is and how it is interconnected and complex. This also sets up the magnitude of the challenge to build an effective AGI, which is with the current resources.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

When talking about ASI, it almost feels like we are entering into the realm of science fiction but when compared to AGI, ASI has a more logical progression. An Artificial Super Intelligence is such that it will be able to exceed and excel all of the human capabilities. This implies that ASI will be able to do many tasks like taking rational decisions and can also build in emotional relationships or create a better art. Once Artificial General Intelligence is achieved, the AI system will be able to rapidly improve their capabilities and steadfast into realms which we as humans might not have ever dreamt of. The AGI and ASI gap would narrow down.

Type 2 artificial intelligence comprises of:

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self-Awareness

Reactive Machines

This AI is one of the most basic ones where it does not have any previous memory and will not utilize any past information to perform any future task. This AI is one of the oldest forms where it has a limited amount of capability. There are no memory-based functions performed. The AI cannot learn anything and will only respond to limited inputs where it cannot be relied on to improve the operations which are based on memory.

Limited Memory

Limited memory AI systems are those which can use the experience to make future decisions. Most of the AI applications are under limited memory. These AI systems have large volumes of data stored in their memory where they are trained on this to use it as a reference for any future issues. The accuracy of these AI’s improves over time. For instance, an AI is trained through thousands of pictures and also with its labels, in order to teach it. Then, if any image is scanned, the AI will make use of the training images in the form of a reference, where it understands the content of the images and it is based on the learning experience.

Artificial Emotional Intelligence

This type of AI is such that there are still some improvements required before it has been completed. Currently, this AI is being researched where in the future; it will be able to understand an individual’s needs, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Artificial emotional intelligence is a technology of the future where a lot of time and effort is required to reach this level of AI. In order to understand an individual’s needs, the AI would have to see humans as a person whose mind is shaped up and reasoned out by many factors.


Among the many different types of AI’s, there is one AI that is super-intelligent, has its own consciousness and is self-aware. Although this is just a theoretical notion, if achieved, this AI will be the magnum-opus in the world of artificial intelligence. This AI will be the final stage in technological development where all the assumptions of it are purely hypothetical. A self-aware AI will be parallel to the human brain since it will be so evolved. Although, it has been opined that the creation of this level of AI comes with its own grave risks, since the AI can have thoughts and ideas where it can outtake the human beings easily.

Technological Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Technology has made our life better by leaps and bounds. AI has taken over many areas in the business world where it has made our lives easier and is helping us with smart work. So let us see how artificial intelligence is making the world a better place.

  1. Being available all day round

A human being can maximally work 6-8 hours a day. But when it comes to AI, it can make machines work 24*7 where there is no lethargy. Since human beings cannot work for longer durations, with the help of an AI system, a lot of tasks can be worked on for 24/7 without any breaks.

2. AI can do recurring works

All the mundane tasks can be made productive and creative with AI where the AI can do the decluttering, sending of mail or verification of documents in a jiffy. A lot of recurring tasks like making a meal in a factory or products in the factory might seem boring to humans where they can mess this up where these types of tasks can be performed by AI with perfection.

3. There will be zero human errors

Artificial intelligence will work in such a way that the decisions will be taken based on previous information where there is also a set of algorithms applied. With this process, there is a reduction in errors and an increase in accuracy with heightened precision. While it is evident that human performed tasks are bound to errors, with the help of AI there can be an immense reduction in such errors.

4. Better security

Since technology is being advanced, it is a possibility that it can turn into the wrong hands. This is when AI comes in to make sure that there is maximum security provided. AI is being developed in order to make sure that there is the protection of life and assets. AI is being highly implemented in security i.e. cyber security. With AI, we are able to secure ourselves vehemently against all types of cyber-threats.

5. Effective assistance digitally

In order to make sure there are human resources saved in the companies, AI is being used as a form of a digital assistant in order to be in constant interaction with customers. These types of digital assistants are also being used in various websites in order to answer customer queries whereby there is a smooth functioning interface. For instance, many websites use chat bots as a form of a digital assistant.

6. Better communication

If we look back in time, two people couldn’t interact with each other if they didn’t know each other’s languages and they had to use the help of a human translator to convey thoughts and messages in both of the languages. But now, with the help of AI, the problem of communication does not exist anymore. There is an elimination of the middle man since with the Natural Language Processing (NPL) system; the words can be translated from one language to another. For instance, the Google translate has improved vehemently over the years where Google also makes sure to provide an audio sample of how a word or sentence should be pronounced in another language.

7. Rationality in decision making

The main disadvantage that we humans face is that sometimes we let our emotions take over. Although on the technological forefront we are head on but when it comes to making effective decisions, we let our emotions slide in. Sometimes certain situations arise where it becomes mandatory to make efficient, swift and logical decisions with zero emotional control. When it comes to AI, it is a manoeuvre of algorithms when it comes to decision making where there will be no emotional decision making. With this aid, businesses can increase productivity vehemently and will not be bound to human error.

8. Swift decisions

The main aim of making an AI was to make sure that it surpasses all human disadvantages or hurdles. AI comes in to make faster decisions than human beings since human beings are more tended to make both emotional and practical decisions. AI, on the other hand, provides programmed results.

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

The next new shiny toy in the field of technology is nothing but Artificial Intelligence. There are many companies around the world that are joining hands to innovate in not only artificial intelligence but also machine learning. AI will definitely impact and change the course of action for many industries where it has also acted as a catalyst for many other new innovative technologies like robotics, big data and IoT.

By seeing its growth in every field, it is bound to be a technological innovator in the future. Since this type of technology is growing by leaps and bounds, it will have a vehement impact on the quality of life and also on the social setting of the people. Be it healthcare, retail, manufacturing or banking, AI is helping each and every sector. The AI system is very specialized to bring out effective results.


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