What You Must Need To Know About Olive Oil For Hair Growth


Are you anxious about your hair? (Or) Are you tired about using different hair products but no results? (Or) Are you looking for the best solution for stimulating your hair growth?

I have the answer to your entire hair problem! I assure you that by the end of this blog, you will have a complete understanding of the reason for your hair problems and how to solve them with the magical solution “OLIVE OIL” to see a massive difference in your hair growth.

Everyone needs their hair to be healthy, long, shiny, and attractive. People try out different products in the market to maintain their hair.

They adapt to the best hairstyles, curlers, unique colours, and more aspects that suit them perfectly. There is no guarantee that these new hair products they try would provide 100% results to them.

Some hair products in the market are using different chemicals to make the hair grow, but the real fact is that they degrade your hair quality in the end. 80% of adults experiment with their hair by using different hair products just to remain stylish, fashionable, and to stay with the trend.

Few other people make use of products that generate heat to increase their hair growth, but the real fact is that the heat-generating products and devices have harmful effects, and they are powerful to weaken your hair strands more than making them grow long and healthy.

Nature is the gift of God, and it helps us with different factors in our daily routine. Nature’s treasure for your whole hair problem is “OLIVE OIL.” There are diverse ways to maintain your hair naturally, but Olive Oil has 100% properties and healing power to promote hair growth in humans.

Today in our blog, we are going to deal with three critical factors namely.

  • How is olive oil for hair useful?
  • Methods to apply olive oil for hair
  • What hair is suitable for using olive oil?

Before having a look at the above topics, let me provide you with an understanding of what an Olive Oil is.

Olive Oil | An overview

Olive oil is one of the great products acquired from the olive crop, and it originated from the Mediterranean Basin, especially Italy, Greece, and Spain.

The oil is extracted through the process of pressing. Olive oil is light green or light yellow. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids.

The critical reason the olive oil has been used for enhancing the hair’s appearance and texture for centuries is due to its unique chemical composition.

When I used to tell my friends about the benefits of Olive Oil, the first thing they used to ask me is whether there are any proven results for it.
I hope you are also looking for it now. Yeah, there is much evidence to provide that Olive oil helps for your hair growth, strengthens your hair follicle, soothes your scalp, and more.

Here is one of the researches made with Olive oil to prove that it makes your hair longer and more durable

Olea Europaea is the tree where olive oil is generated. The antioxidant qualities in oleic acid present in olive oil will help to decrease the hair loss effect.

The antibacterial products in olive oil promote a healthy scalp. Apart from that, 99% of the people who tried out olive oil have seen reduced split ends, and therefore they are powerful enough to prevent split ends.

Though there is no research on humans, still there is an illusion that your hair is growing and feeling healthier. Again, you should also know that the nutritional and protective qualities are one crucial reason for your more youthful and shining hair after using Olive oil.

Know the right olive oil to choose for your hair!

There are four different types of olive oil, and you should know which should be used for promoting your hair growth. To make you understand, I have explained the four types of olive oil in short so that you can choose the right one for your hair.

  • Virgin Olive Oil: The other name of virgin olive oil is cooking oil, and it holds low acid content. Virgin olive oil is best for cooking, and this is for the people who are looking for healthier oil at an affordable package.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The olive oil of this type is made ready through the processing of cold pressing olive fruit, and therefore this is the right type of olive oil for your hair. The one negative aspect of extra virgin oil is its cost. They are highly expensive but with plenty of benefits for your hair and body.
  • Lampante Oil: The olive oil of this kind cannot be used for cooking, and your use as this can only be used as a fuel.
  • Pure Olive Oil: The olive oil of this kind is a combination of virgin and refined olive oils. The acidity content in this type of olive oil is high, and therefore you should not use this.

How Olive Oil for Hair is Useful

Olive oil excels with multiple benefits for your new hair growth. It offers excellent advantages to your hairs like resilience, softness, volume, and shine. Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, and Squalene are three critical elements and ingredients in the Olive oil that help in offering a moisturizing effect and softening quality to your hair.

You can keep the Olive oil handy in your bathroom, and this can be used as a hot oil treatment and as a conditioner.

How Olive Oil for Hair is Useful

Now let’s move to the detailed view of the advantages that the olive oil for hair provides you.

# Say bye to Dandruff

If your scalp is flaky and dry, then you will surely have Dandruff. You can make use of the lemon to loosen Dandruff, whereas the olive can moisturize the exfoliated and new skin layer in your hair.

If you need to remove Dandruff altogether, you can make use of this simple trick to get rid of it. Mix water, lemon juice, and olive oil in equal amounts and then massage them into your hair scalps.

You can wash your hair and apply shampoo after 20 minutes. You could use this fantastic trick in alternate weeks at any time to fight your hair Dandruff. Make sure you are not using this daily as acidity property in the lemon will make your hair grey.

# No more split ends

Your hair may look unkempt and messy due to the frizzy flyaways, splitting, and breakage in your hair. It’s the right time to make use of this fantastic olive oil to your hair as it makes your hair smooth and provides an attractive look to your hair.

You can massage your scalp with little olive oil and apply it throughout the split ends. You will be shocked to see the results, so make a try now if your hair is prone to split ends.

# Makes your hair strong

If you are still using the conditioners to strengthen your hair, it’s the right time to stop using it as they are full of chemicals.

Make use of the Olive oil to bring back the moisture to your hair and make your hair look healthy and shiny. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, E, and completely free of chemicals.

Olive oil seals the moisture by protecting the keratin. Apart from this, Olive oil is capable of eradicating the buildup of sebum in your hair that hinders hair growth by blocking the new follicles.

# Helps to take care and manage your hair

Your hair is undernourished if you feel your hair is hard to style, doesn’t hold a curl, and looks lifeless. Hot oil treatment is the right solution, and Olive oil can be used as a hot oil treatment to stop this issue.

You can find any resort that provides hot oil treatment with olive oil and tries it. You will see a massive difference after the hot oil treatment. You will be surprised to see how it’s easy to style and manage your hair.

If you can do it by yourself, it’s damn good. Take a half cup of olive oil, now wholly coat your hair, and shampoo it thoroughly after 30 minutes. It provides complete moisture to your hair and helps to manage your hair quickly.

# Makes your hair smooth

The frizzy curls and brittle ends provide a steel wool look to your hair. You can make your hair malleable and soft with this fantastic olive oil.

Deep and natural conditioning of olive oil can help in making your hair smooth. Do not use any conditioners; it holds extra silicone ingredients to make your hair soft, and this remains only for a few hours.

Making use of Olive oil as a hair conditioner means you are going to have a shining and smooth hair ever.

# Turns your damaged hair to healthier

Olive oil is packed with vitamins A, E, and antioxidants, which means it can help your damaged hair by protecting the keratin in your hair.

The antioxidants properties will fight bacteria and fungus, enhance the blood circulation, and then make your hair follicles stimulated to stop damaged hair.

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and three tablespoons of olive oil and warm it. Massage your hair scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash your hair with shampoo, and you will see your damaged strands turning healthy and robust.

You can also apply this mixture at night & leave overnight and wash it with shampoo the next morning.

# Reduce Scalp Irritability

If you have irritation in your scalp, then it means your hair scalps are itchy and dry. It leads to bacteria and fungus. Olive oil helps in moisturizing the hair by nourishing your scalp evenly.

Make an egg white and olive oil hair mask to reduce scalp irritability. Take two tablespoons of olive oil and one egg white, whisk them and apply on your hair scalp evenly.

Leave it for 20 minutes; make sure you have covered your hair. Wash it with shampoo at regular room temp water. Egg whites hold enzymes that are powerful to avoid infection by killing off the bacteria.

An egg is also rich in protein and therefore helps to keep your hair healthy. You can do this once or twice a week.

Methods to Apply Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil can strengthen hair and add softness by preserving moisture and penetrating the hair shaft. Many people are not aware of the truth that Olive oil has a secure connection to hair growth.

Hair experts prefer to make use of the Olive oil in case of hair loss. There are thousands of reasons to state for hair loss. It may be due to the chemicals in the products you are using, DTH hormones, and more.

Every hair problem can be treated with Olive oil. Another important thing is that you should know how to make use of olive oil effectively and how to apply them so that you will get the right results at the right time.

Methods to Apply Olive Oil for Hair

So, here I have come up with how to use olive oil to your hair and see useful results in depth.

# Using Olive Oil only one time in a week

Saturdays and Sunday would be the best days to make use of the Olive oil as everyone has day-off on those days. Choose a day that you are comfortable and make sure you don’t have any plans on that day.

It’s because olive oil should sit in your hair if you need to see a 100% effect and results. Here are some tips to follow when applying Olive oil to your hair.

Are you ready to apply olive oil to your hair? Then make sure you do not use shampoo before applying the olive oil to your hair.

The treatment will give you results only if your hair is clean, and it does not mean you should shampoo your hair.
Okay, I got your next question. Why should I not use shampoo? Am I right?

It’s because shampoo acts as an astringent, and they may strip your hair when it has oil. It’s okay if you apply the olive oil and then wash it off with shampoo.

If you feel your hair is not clean, you may wash your hair with water and then condition them before applying the olive oil, but this is not a mandatory step.

# Warm Olive Oil

You can warm the olive oil by using a pot on the stove or microwave. The better idea is to use a microwave as using a bowl on the stove, and you will not be aware of the heating quantity.

There is a chance for the oil to get overheated. In this case, you can use a microwave if you have as you can set the heat amount in it. If you don’t have a microwave, make sure the olive oil is not super hot. Warm olive oil only can help in saturating your hair.

# Making use of Olive oil with other ingredients

Mixing olive oil with few ingredients like lemon, egg white, honey, almond oil, coconut oil, etc. can prevent your hair from hair loss and other hair problems. Already we have seen many ways of using olive oil in the above benefits of Olive oil for your hair section.

In this part, I have come up with other beautiful ingredients, egg and almond oil to add up with Olive oil as an example. It helps to keep your hair shining and get back all the lost nutrients.

You can also make use of tea tree oil, Jojoba oil, and other essential oils with the mix up for better results. In this section, I have taken one egg, two spoons of olive oil, and one teaspoon of raw almond oil.

You need the whole egg for this mixture. The egg white holds multiple hairs renewing and healing agents that promote hair growth. The essential oil is used to make your hair smooth, and this is important as all know that olive oil is high acidity oil.

# Applying the mixture to your hair

Once you are ready, pour the mixture on your hair evenly and massage it through your scalp thoroughly to nook and corner of your hair.

Do not pour much oil, just use a liberal amount and then add little by little to cover all portions of your hair. It’s better to prefer a bathroom or a place that you can easily clean.

You can use outdoors or stand in the tub or showers so that cleaning will be more comfortable in case there are oil spills.

# Leave the mixture for an hour

Once you have applied the olive oil mixture, you can cover your head with any plastic bag or other things so that it will retain the oil from your hair.

You can also feel the heat in your hair, and this provides an excellent moisturizing to the entire scalp by saturating the hair.

You can also use a shower cap and take a shower in the warm water. The heat and steam together can absorb the oil completely and quickly.

# How to take off the Olive oil mixture

You should rinse your hair after one hour of applying the olive mixture to your hair. Take off the shower cap or plastic bag from your hair and rinse it off in the warm water.

You should not use shampoo in this case as it strips the oil and makes the treatment ineffective. You can make use of any conditioner instead of shampoo.

# Dry your hair

You may feel your hair to be slightly greasy when drying your hair. This is the reason I told you to try on the leave days. You should also bring lifestyle changes along with this olive oil treatment to see faster changes in your hair.

Make sure you are making use of foods like seafood, almonds, Greek yoghurt, and more to make your hair more flexible, more reliable, and healthier.

Olive oil cures hair loss and enriches hair growth to a higher level if followed in the right way. Olive oil is capable of providing excellent and healthy scalp along with shining and softness.

Massaging your scalp with olive oil will enhance the blood circulation, and therefore you are assured of the healthy scalps and proper hair growth.

What Sort of Hair Might Suitable for the Use of Olive Oil for Hair

Using oil is good for hair, but olive oil does not suit a few hair types as there are chances for the hair to retain oil longer when compared to other hair types.

So you should know what your hair type is before applying the olive oil to your hair. Here I have come up with different kinds of hairs that are suitable as well as not suitable for boosting hair growth in humans.

What Sort of Hair Might Use Olive Oil for Hair

# Processed hair

Hairs that have been treated with bleach, perms, and relaxers are touted as heavily processed hairs. The hair of this type can get the highest benefit from using the olive oil as this type of hair comfortably gets moisturized.

Make sure you wait at least 72 hours from the initial treatment. You need to test olive oil on a small quantity before applying the olive oil to your complete hair strands and scalps.

Once you use the olive oil to one strand and ensure whether the olive oil is leaving any trace of its color behind your strands. If you see any mark, then you need to stop applying the olive oil to your hair.

# Thick Hair

Thick hair and dry hair people have multiple benefits of using olive oil to their hairs. Thick hair people can apply olive oil if they need their hair healthy and moist.

Olive oil weighs down the thinner hairs. If you have oily scalps and hair, you need not do any conditioning before or after using the olive oil.

# Split Ends

Olive oil helps to smooth the burned or broken ends of your hair. Make sure you are applying to the damaged hair evenly so that treating them would be fast and more comfortable.

Keep your hair pinned up when you are using olive oil on your head as there are high chances for the oil to cause marks on your clothes. If you feel you need to condition your hair, and then do it from the scalp to the ends.

# Curly hair

Olive oil works for any hair texture and hair based on the theory. Even though some of the hair types have, anecdotally, have found more success when using olive oil, especially when taking care of their hair.

Similarly, people who have curly hair naturally will see good results when using olive oil for hair growth. Color-treated, natural, and curly hair seems fuller and can be left glossy within the few usages of olive oil.

# Fine or straight hair

This type of hair feels heavy for oil, and therefore, it’s mandatory to test olive oil before using it. There are chances for your hair to go greasy in case of straight or beautiful hair.

This type of hair can prefer to choose some alternative essential oils that hold thinner options like argan or jojoba oil.

Bottom Line

There is plenty of reason for your hair loss. Some of them include Smoking, stress, genetics, poor eating, drinking alcohol, aging, and more. Apart from this, not maintaining your hair, and treating them with products that hold chemicals are also significant reasons for hair loss problems. If you need reliable, healthy, and smooth hair without any hair loss, you need to make sure you are changing to a healthier lifestyle. It also includes taking proper diet foods that promote hair growth, making use of Olive oils & other essential oils, and more.

Olive oil holds antimicrobial agents, antioxidants, and protein that promote healthy and shining hair. Using olive oil for your hair will work to increase your hair’s lifespan, strengthen your hair strands and follicle, and more benefits when it’s applied in the right way. Olive oil is one of the best solutions to moisturize your scalp, and therefore preventing Dandruff is much easier. The olive oil holds monounsaturated fatty acids which enable to strengthen the tips and roots of the hair.

The one thing you should keep in mind is that if you are a person who is taking medicines for blood pressure and diabetes, then you need to reduce the intake of olive as it lowers blood pressure and blood sugar. Apart from this, there are no worries in trying out Olive oil as it’s one of the best treatments and cost-effective options available in the market for inducing hair growth in humans.

Did I miss any of the benefits that Olive Oil provides to promote hair growth? Or do you have any queries or tips to share about Olive oil and its benefits for your hair growth? Let us know through the comment section below.


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