Mahabharata Quotes That will influence Your Thought Process of Life


Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics known to the world. As it portrays the omnipresent premise of war with a never-ending cycle of lessons and teaching.

So here we present 28 Mahabharata quotes for our readers that will bring more clarity to your daily life.

#1.“Do your duty and shape your destiny. That is the secret of life. Oh, Man! Your own hands hold your own destiny.” The Mahabharata

#2.“Time creates all things and time destroys them all. Time burns all creatures and time again extinguishes that fire.” The Mahabharata

#3.“Fools are those trying to teach the one who cannot be taught and those talking to the one who listens to them with mistrust.” The Mahabharata

#4.“Making evil by violence is the power of the wicked; forgiveness is the power of the virtuous.” The Mahabharata

#5.“Passion, engagement, skill and policy – these are the means to accomplish objectives.” The Mahabharata

#6.“In this world, the relationship between the virtuous is more important than a relationship resulting from birth.” The Mahabharata

#7.“For the sake and protection of Dharma and his disciple, Lord Krishna can even be a charioteer.” The Mahabharata

#8.“It is better for one to live on alms than to kill.” The Mahabharata

#9.“Good action will bring happiness. Bad actions will lead to misery. To get anything one has to act, perform. Without action, one does not get anything.” The Mahabharata

#10.“I do not blame you, My King, for hitting an innocent man. For, cruelty comes quickly to the powerful.” The Mahabharata

#11.“Cleverness does not always lead to gain nor stupidity to poverty.” The Mahabharata

#12.“The highest concentration, like Arjuna, can lead any human being to the highest success.” The Mahabharata

#13.“Men lose good judgment in things which concern their interest.” The Mahabharata

#14.“Never support the immoral work of children; ultimately, it leads to their destruction like Kauravas.” The Mahabharata

#15.“Once war has been undertaken, no peace is made by pretending there is no war.” The Mahabharata

#16.“He is a fool that practices truth without knowing the difference between truth and falsehood.” The Mahabharata

#17.“All this is rooted in Time, to be or not to be, to be happy or not to be happy.” The Mahabharata

#18.“Whatever is here, is found elsewhere. But what is not here, is nowhere else.” The Mahabharata

#19.“Whatever actions are performed by a man under whatever circumstances, he gets the fruits of those actions under whatever circumstances they may be performed.” The Mahabharata

#20.“I am the beginning, the middle, and the end of creation.” The Mahabharata

#21.“Yearning for pleasure captivates man, but then causes passion and anger in him.” The Mahabharata

#22.“If you start a work, take rest only after its completion; otherwise, the (incomplete) work will finish you.” The Mahabharata

#23.“Never try to do good deeds under the influence of passion, fear or greed.” The Mahabharata

#24.“People who never raise a voice against the injustice in front of them, have no right to live.” The Mahabharata

#25.“Those who wish to prosper must get rid of evil minds and evil friends.” The Mahabharata

#26.“Words are invaluable, speak them if you must. Weigh them carefully before you speak them out.” The Mahabharata

#27.“The biggest drawback of anger is that it cannot differentiate between good and bad.” The Mahabharata

#28.“Dharma and Truth are the only eternal, and ultimately its victory is inevitable.” The Mahabharata

Final Words

From thousands of slokas and verses, we have shared a few with our readers. And last but not least do share with us your favorite Mahabharata quotes in the comment section below.