10 Companies That Hire for Freelance Data Entry Jobs


Data entry is a popular field for freelancers due to its flexibility and the abundance of job opportunities. If you’re looking to pursue a career as a freelancer, data entry might be the perfect option for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of freelance data entry jobs, including the top companies that hire for these positions, the skills required, and tips for starting your freelance data entry job search.

Understanding Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Data entry professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information and data. Their responsibilities often include entering data into computer systems or secure file systems, as well as performing various clerical activities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies data entry professionals as “information clerks” and predicts that job prospects in this field will be good, especially for those with clerical or customer service experience and education beyond high school.

The Benefits of Freelance Data Entry Jobs

Freelance data entry jobs offer numerous benefits. Here are some advantages of working as a freelance data entry professional:

  • Flexibility: Freelance data entry jobs allow you to set your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own home. This flexibility is especially appealing to individuals who prefer to work on their own terms or have other commitments.
  • Variety: Data entry jobs can encompass a wide range of industries and sectors, providing you with the opportunity to work on diverse projects. This variety can keep your work interesting and help you develop a broad skill set.
  • Income Potential: While data entry jobs may not always be the highest paying, some positions can offer competitive rates. With experience and expertise, you can increase your earning potential as a freelance data entry professional.

Top 10 Companies Hiring for Freelance Data Entry Jobs

If you’re looking for freelance data entry opportunities, here are ten companies that commonly hire for these positions:

1. Aston Carter

Aston Carter is a global staffing and recruitment firm that specializes in providing workforce solutions to businesses across various industries. With a strong presence in the United States and an expanding international footprint, Aston Carter connects talented professionals with companies seeking to fill temporary, contract, or permanent positions.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Data Entry Associate

2. 24 Seven

24 Seven has built a reputation for understanding the unique needs of the creative and technology sectors, allowing them to match the right talent with the right job opportunities. Their commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and global reach make them a trusted partner for both job seekers and companies looking to thrive in the dynamic world of creative and digital industries.

Recent freelance jobs in data entry are:

# Data entry Assistant
# Data Specialist

3. Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross is a leading Canadian health insurance and benefits provider. With a rich history dating back over 75 years, the company offers a wide range of health and travel insurance products, as well as employee benefits and wellness solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations across Canada.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Bilingual Special Authorization Dental Claims Analyst

4. Ajilon

Ajilon is a well-established workforce solutions provider that specializes in connecting top talent with businesses in various industries. With a focus on temporary and permanent staffing, Ajilon assists companies in finding skilled professionals across a wide range of sectors, including finance, accounting, human resources, and administration.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Data entry Analyst
# Data entry Specialists
# Data entry Clerk

5. Robert Half International

Robert Half connects businesses with skilled professionals for temporary, permanent, and project-based positions. They also offer consulting and staffing services through their various divisions, such as Accountemps, OfficeTeam, and Robert Half Technology, among others.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Accounts Payable Processor
# Accounts Receivable Specialist

6. Medix

Medix is a healthcare and workforce solutions company that specializes in providing talent and services to the healthcare industry. They offer staffing solutions, workforce management, and consulting services to healthcare organizations, connecting them with skilled professionals in various roles such as nursing, allied health, and administrative positions.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Unit Receptionist

7. Kforce

Kforce is a prominent professional staffing and solutions firm with a focus on providing specialized talent to companies in the fields of technology, finance, healthcare, and government. Founded in 1962, Kforce connects organizations with skilled professionals for both temporary and permanent positions, project-based work, and consulting services.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Data entry clerk III
# Senior data entry Specialist
# Data entry cCerk

8. Insight Global

Insight Global (IG) is a well-established staffing and talent solutions company headquartered in the United States. Founded in 2001, Insight Global specializes in connecting skilled professionals with job opportunities in various industries, including information technology (IT), finance, engineering, and healthcare. It is known for its client-centric approach, helping organizations find temporary, contract, and permanent talent to meet their staffing needs.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Recruiting Coordinator

9. Randstad

Randstad is a leading global human resources and staffing company with a presence in over 38 countries. Established in 1960, Randstad specializes in connecting job seekers with job opportunities across various industries, including finance, engineering, healthcare, and IT.

The company offers temporary, permanent, and contract staffing solutions to businesses, helping them find the right talent for their needs. Randstad is known for its extensive network of professionals and its commitment to understanding the unique requirements of both clients and candidates.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Bilingual data entry steward
# Data operations Specialist

10. LaSalle Network

LaSalle Network is a reputable staffing and professional services firm based in the United States. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, LaSalle Network specializes in connecting companies with skilled professionals in various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and administrative services.

Recent Freelance Data Entry Jobs:

# Data Entry
# Data entry Clerk
# Data entry Specialist

Starting Your Freelance Data Entry Job Search

To get started with your freelance data entry job search, consider the following tips:

  • Create a professional resume: Craft a well-designed resume that highlights your data entry skills and experience. Be sure to include any relevant certifications or training you’ve completed.
  • Build an online presence: Create a professional online portfolio or website to showcase your data entry skills and projects. This can help potential clients or employers assess your abilities and make hiring decisions.
  • Network: Join online communities or forums related to freelancing or data entry to connect with other professionals in the field. Networking can lead to valuable job opportunities or referrals.
  • Apply to reputable job boards: Utilize reputable job boards like Naukri, Indeed, or LinkedIn to browse and apply for freelance data entry jobs. These platforms often have filters and search options that can help you find relevant opportunities.
  • Prepare for interviews: Be prepared to showcase your skills and experience during job interviews. Practice common data entry tasks and be ready to discuss your previous projects or accomplishments.

By following these steps and utilizing the resources available to you, you can increase your chances of securing a rewarding freelance data entry job.


Freelance data entry jobs offer flexibility, variety, and income potential for those seeking remote work opportunities. By understanding the nature of these jobs and utilizing reputable platforms where, you can embark on a successful freelance data entry career. With the right skills, experience, and job search strategies, you can find rewarding opportunities in this in-demand field. Start your freelance data entry job search today and unlock the potential for a flexible and fulfilling career.